Jakil Morris

It is hard to FAIL, but its worse to never try to SUCEED - Theodore Rosevelt

My name is Jakil Morris. Im 19 years old. The second oldest to 6 siblings. Im currently attending community college at Camden County. My major is in Chriminal Justice. Im currently undecided of which career i would like to do when i graduate with an associates degree. I also intend on joing the Navy after my 2012 summer semester. I take pride in whatever im expected to do. I make school my first priority and am always loyal to family and friends.

Throughout my life ive been involved in sports. I attended Collingswood High School. During high school i played football and volleyball. I was involved in after school activities helping lower class freshmens staying physically fit. My friends would descibe me as the quiet until you get to know me type. Also loyal and generous to others.

Ten years from now i see myself working as a Correctional Officer. If not that whichever i choose as a career in my major in Criminal Justice. By that time i shall be out of the Navy wealthy and living well. My mindset is "Whatever it takes" meaning to be sucessful in life. Until im satisfied with life ill always be commited and dedicated on an obstacle and dreams to come.