Jakisha Hawkins


Power is in a positive percecetion and I strive to keep my preception of life positive. Being happy is addicting and when you look on the bright side it feeds the best. My power house of positivty is great but I learned that aggressivly chasing goals is need for productivity. The positivy allows us to keep going and thats the important thing. I'm 28 years young and I love to learn my long standing interest are reading novels, internet surfing, writing, listening to music, debating, video games, dancing, and the occualional run. I am a student and work entry level mental health. In my professional life I pride myself in learning and accessing all information possible about my scope and my field. In my personal life I am a little loose I like to explore new topics and trends to see which ones I like. All around I love learning and exploring. I think every morning no matter the days we have left we must make the most of it. What harm can come from doing your best.

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