Jakki Hansen

Jakki Hansen has led a career in litigation marked by excellence in a number of areas. Demonstrating superior advocacy skills, Jakki Hansen laid the foundation for a career as a litigator at The University of Houston Law Center. During law school, Jakki Hansen was admitted to The Order of the Barristers and was a semi-finalist in the Hippard Open Mock Trial Competition, which teaches students the relevant rules of evidence and civil procedure at trial.

With the skills she gained in law school, Jakki Hansen joined the Harris County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting criminal cases in trial courts. After four and a half years of achieving convictions through the use of expert witnesses, effective direct and cross examinations, and aggressive negotiation of plea bargains, Jakki Hansen was selected by the District Attorney’s Office to serve as County Court Chief. In this capacity, Jakki Hansen shared her considerable knowledge of pre-trial and trial procedure, training and supervising Junior Assistant District Attorneys.

Next, Jakki Hansen joined the law firm of Irelan Hargis & Fusselman P.L.L.C. (now Irelan Hargis P.L.L.C.), where she specialized in insurance defense for individuals whose legal matters were paid for by their insurance companies. Balancing delicate advocacy and ethical roles in serving the best interests of both the individuals and the insurance companies, Jakki Hansen successfully litigated in an equitable, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Subsequently recruited by the law firm Davis, Orestky & Guilfoyle, Jakki Hansen continued her specialization in insurance defense while also broadening her practice to include professional malpractice cases involving doctors and attorneys.