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Feeling up being wholethat's going to be the first step to really losing weight the calories but we drink are perhaps the mostinsidious calories that we consume because we don't associate sugary drinks with weight gain the way we associatecandy bars and hamburgers was waiting but you can just imaginethat big goal on your thighs because sugary drinks doturn in the fact and do 'cause weakening so gimme of sugary drinks is they'llreally good way to start losing weight because you're going to cut out a hugeamount a sugar and calories they may even be realizing you'reconsuming another no about this mountain Dewcontains 77 grams of sugar and carbohydrates which is actually more than a candy bar so replacing the soft drinks at even fruit juiceswhich are also really high in sugar with healthier beverages is going to bea really good idea realize that water is the only beveragethat's really going to satisfy your thirst if your feelings thirsty I with the exception of coconut waterwhich is also a healthy beverage you can also drink tea you can drink cumblowjob you can drink water that's flavored withfruit or flavored with cucumbers for instanceand all these Garciniumbeverages are going to be way hope here than your fruit juices or your softdrinks so what's talk about the sugar-free and diet products that people of beingreplaced their sugary beverages and foods with so realized that he claims made on thefront of the label like sugar-free diet light healthy choice they are there formarketing purposes only but you're smarter want thesemarketing people so you actually wanna look at the box upthis new what you'll see oftentimes is a reallylong ingredient list look like this one and recognized whenyou see that really long ingredient list you are about to eat toxic sludge and whether or not you really care aboutbeing healthy but they all you care about is losing weight realize that the Pasig sludge stillisn't going to help you these products also contain artificialsweeteners like of pertain actually.