Jakob Shiver

Valdosta, Georgia, United States

Hello my name is Jakob Shiver I am a sophomore at Valdosta State University, I transferred from a school called Point University I was playing lacrosse at. I was born and raised in Coweta County a small suburb just south of Atlanta. My mother name is Leslie Shiver and my father’s name is Neal Shiver. I have one older brother named Josh Shiver who is also my roommate here at VSU as a graduate student after graduating from Lagrange College.
Growing up my passion was without a doubt was sports. I played anything my parent would let me sign up for including football, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, and many others sports you wouldn’t expect like karate, gymnastic, swimming. When I was a sophomore I decided to try lacrosse and instantly fell in love with the sport my first time at practice, I ended up quitting the football team to focus on lacrosse, and it paid off as I received many honors my senior season and accepted a scholarship to Point University who was starting a new team. Although I decided to leave and pursue my studies here I enjoyed my time there immensely. I am currently an active member of the Valdosta state Men’s Club team here, so I still get to enjoy one of my biggest passions in life here in Valdosta also.
I am currently undecided about my major here at Valdosta State, but I would really like to be stick with my passions of sports somehow. I would love to coach and referee lacrosse no matter what degree or job I end up pursuing. I have seen the huge impact it has had in my local community by helping get kids scholarships who would have had no other way of paying for college, and giving many other kids who were not the best at other sports a sport they could excel and add value to by being on the team. I would love to help spread the game of lacrosse and all those positive things that come with it to any community I end up in throughout my life. I think there is good in all people, some people just need a little help bringing to the surface.

  • Work
    • Dairy Queen
  • Education
    • Graduate of East Coweta High, Sophmore at Valdosta State