Jill Kurtz, APR

Consultant in Lovettsville, Virginia

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I am a communication professional with more than 25 years of experience. I am a relationship person who is not content to put a message, website, social community, publication or other communication tool out there and declare myself done. The value of a great communicator is not in the selection of words in a particular deliverable; it is the ability to get invested with the right audience for a long-term, ongoing relationship of give and take, send and share.

The greatest value I bring to my work is an interest in always learning about the latest ways to achieve communication goals. I enjoy finding ways to make new technologies help organizations to accomplish their most basic tasks—to connect with the people that they serve and to thrive.

I adapt to new ways of doing things easily and am often the first one to see the communication potential of trends and technologies that develop for other purposes.

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