Jakson Inns

Hotel in Phaltan, India

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We are India’s first LEED GREEN Platinum rated hotel. We are Jakson Inns and there are miles you can walk with us. Our property sprawls over a whooping six acres of land that has a large poolside lawn that can accommodate 1000-1500 guests which is ideal for weddings, events & exhibitions. We also have 74 guest rooms which include 4 suites & an ADA room.

Our wonderful property boasts a remarkable location, being situated in one of the most historically relevant city of Maharashtra, namely Phaltan. The Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj was the son in law of Phaltan, with his wife’s maternal home called the “Rajwada” being an architectural marvel located at a proximity of 10km from Jakson Inns. Phaltan is a part of the municipal district of Satara and is in close proximity to some of the most phenomenal sight-seeing places in the state, such as Bhigwan bird sanctuary, Kaas Pathar & Kas Lake, Thoseghar Waterfalls, Ajinkyatara Fort, Pandharpur , KVK and various others.

The very aura of our property and services speak of luxury, what with a contemporary bar, a luscious multi-cuisine restaurant, a swimming pool, a gym, a treatment room, a recreation center, and organic gardens amongst others. Bestowed with a charming location we zealously promote adventure tourism and eco-tourism with offerings such as trekking, windmill tours, horse riding, visits to organic farms, tractor rides, cycling trails and many more.