Matt (jaku) Jakubowski

CEO and Developer in Chicago, Illinois

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With more than 14 years of information security experience, Jaku has helped all ranges of companies with their security programs. From small businesses all the way to Fortune 100 companies.

Jaku is world-renowned for his security research in multiple areas. His research in the past has included but is not limited to, Cellular\Wireless Communications, Hotel Security, Internet of Things and many more. Jaku is constantly looking for the next new insecure thing to hack.

Jaku and his research have been featured by media including, Wired, Network World, The Washington Post, eWeek, PC World, CNET, Computerworld, CNN, Gizmodo, NPR & Forbes. In addition, he has provided talks on his research to both public (SHMOOCON, THOTCON) & private (United States Secret Service) audiences.

In 2010, Trustwave-SpiderLabs (Spiders are Fun), named Jaku "World's Number #1 Hacker". This title has been unchallenged for 6+ years.

Jaku is a co-creator of THOTCON (a hacking conference held in Chicago each year).

Jaku is also a partnered Twitch streamer over at

In 2015 Jaku created his own company named "Warp World", not with a focus on security but on creating tools and services for streamers and other online entertainers.

Warp World has gone on to create multiple services, Multi-Queue, 1UpCoin, Crowd Control and most recently as of 2020, Turnip.Exchange!

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