Jakub Hejl

President and Founder - Private Equity Real Estate in Miami, Florida

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Jakub Hejl's professional journey in the real estate industry began with a real estate investment banking analyst position in New York City. He gained valuable experience working for DRA Advisors, a reputable private equity real estate firm based in New York. Building on this foundation, he further refined his skills and knowledge while employed at Westbrook Partners, another prominent private equity real estate firm with offices in New York and London.

Throughout his career, Hejl has spearheaded numerous notable projects that have significantly impacted the real estate landscape. His expertise and track record span various areas, including urban development, landmark assets, and special Situation investing. In urban development, he has been involved in various land acquisitions and proposed public-private partnerships to redevelop and revitalize large land holdings in the Southeastern United States urban areas. Notably, he has recently led the RoseArts District project, one of the largest opportunity zone developments in the United States, with plans for nearly 6,000 residential units and 350,000 square feet of commercial space in Orlando, Florida.

His expertise also extends to acquiring landmark high-rise towers in urban settings within the Southeastern United States. These acquisitions offer significant potential for value creation and often include additional land development opportunities. Furthermore, he has focused on special Situation investing, acquiring distressed mixed-use and multifamily assets from UCC foreclosures, deed in lieu buys, and other distressed situations.

  • Education
    • University of Miami Herbert Business School