Jakub Betinský

Jakub Betinský

A great poet once said that we never cease from exploration. And that the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

Everyone's life is made up of goings and comings. We people are invited to lead active and examined life, be creative and never turning down a new challenge. And travelling - gosh that's one of the most enriching and amazing experiences. But there's more to it than sees the eye. Every time we come back from where we sailed off, we are presented with a unique opportunity to know better yourselves, our surroundings, relationships, countries or cultures and beliefs. It is a kind of paradigm shift of the way we've seen ourselves and others in this world up to that very moment. Never be satisfied by taking things for granted. Your own questions illuminate the way more than someone else's answers.

Education is all about creativity, inspiration and chance to make a difference with your own reality. The time invested in the field of international relations and political economy taught me to see interconnectivity and connect the dots all the way down to their grassroots origins. On the other hand, an intensive and interdisciplinary year of moral, political and legal philosophy was a wake-up call to spend more time on studying and understanding human nature. After all, it is indeed the way we perceive it that becomes the final criterion and first principle of all your actions.

"We do what is the most difficult first.
The impossible comes just after it."

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