Jakub Gedeon

Montana State University

Hello! I am a student of Computer Science at Montana State University. I enjoy programming (usually in python), games, biking, hiking, electronic music of all sorts. Unlike the classical "geeky" stereotype, I tend to be somewhat extroverted, and work best with other people. While I am an extremely rational thinker, I am fascinated by religions and the occult, and sometimes go out of my way to learn about them.

Academically, my current interests are parallelism, simulation, algorithms, optimization, API design, and clean design. My current fascinations are with applying the scientific method to computer science methodology, and verifying and analyzing common memes in software engineering. My current research relates to simulating RNA enlongation at high densities with simple traffic models.

I am currently working part-time over the summer at MSU as an assistant systems administrator. I am also willing to do help with system administration, networking, programming, math tutoring, and other teaching.