Jaladhi Pujara

I have been working as a User Interface Designer at projekt202, Austin, Texas since 2005. At projekt202, I work with a wide range of companies and clients to help develop new product strategy, design new conceptual models, end user workflows, and detailed wireframes for projects in mobile, web, and desktop design space.

I truly enjoy collaborating with the users and the product stakeholders and strive for recurring 'aha moments' in the design process.

I work from the beginning of the process to gather requirements and participate in user research with in-depth interviews and observations, distill the research into meaningful and actionable insights, collectively brainstorm design opportunities, and develop several concepts to eventually pick a winning solution. I follow through with detailed design and interaction specifications to support the developers.

I tremendously enjoy the challenges of working on a wide variety of projects and soaking up knowledge from subject experts and the end users and giving them back a product that truly improves their experience.

I have been fortunate to work and collaborate with very talented business leaders and designers who have challenged me to continually improve my work.