Jala Pearson


Jala Pearson is a doctoral graduate from the Ivy League institution of the University of Pennsylvania. As a Pennsylvania Inspired Leader facilitator, teacher coach, and highly skilled educational leader, Pearson is commited to academic excellence. Despite any challenges inherent to working in difficult school environments, she has not diminished her continuous work in various areas. She prides herself as an educational scholar who uses Action Research to guide and develop instructor practices geared towards increasing learner outcomes. Pearson believes that every student can achieve regardless of their zip code and/or socio-economic background. This attitude prompted her work in stable and challenging communities alike.

Her dissertation on Demystifying Formative Assessment Practices is a piece of work where she is particularly gratified. For a period of time, Pearson worked with the Academy for Educational Development (AED). For two years, starting in 2000, she was a Team Member for the School Review. The requirements of the postion included analyzing student work and teacher instructional plans to see if the materials met the outlined standards of New Jersey Schools. Jala Pearson is a hardworking inspiration in the educational sector. When she has the chance to break away, she relaxes her mind with creating crafts by hand. She is intruiged by knitting and jewelry making, therefore she finds joy in improving her skillset in those areas.

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