Jaleel Laguins

Student in Bishop, Georgia

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The name “Jaleel Laguins.” I always wondered why I didn't have a simple name like Greg or John... Something that you read it off of the class roster, you could say it without of looking at the paper crazy. Around the first grade, I asked my mom where she got my name from because I hadI never heard Jaleel before. My beautiful mother answered and said, Family Matters, my name came from Jaleel White aka Urkle spelled the same way as you can tell. When my mom told me that is where she got my name from it was probably the worst thing she could do for a five year old boy. At the moment, you couldn't tell me anything; I held my head high and walked with my nose in the air. I walked around saying I was famous then I realized that it wasn't me it was m name... Jaleel. After about two weeks, I just dropped the whole thing. I was back to Jaleel Laguins. Laguins sounds funny and no one can pronounce it to save their life. As I did with my first name I asked where in the world did my last name come from. Unlike my mom, my dad couldn't tell me. Fast-forward to my junior year, when my French teacher asked me if my name was French because it sound French. That's when I just ran with it and said that it was from Louisiana. The boy that sits at this desk writing this bio is not Jaleel White or from Louisiana he is from Georgia. This Georgia boy enjoys everything that Georgia has to offer from the football which I love with a passion to the women and their wonderful cooking that makes me feel warm inside. This Georgia boy also enjoys all the bass, deer, turkey and duck he can shoot. I remember the first time I caught a fish and after that I wanted to go fishing everyday, but I couldn't because my parents wouldn't take me, so up until about a month ago I didn't do very much fishing. One thing that I had at a young age and love more that anything was my red ryder carbine action 200-shot range model air rifle. I took that thing everywhere from my cousins house across the street to the Golden Pantry up the road. I remember I would walk up and down the street and shoot trees birds and squirrels. If I found anything bigger than a squirrel I thought I was big money. At a young age I love to hunt and fish but never had anyone to teach me; however I had everyone and their grandma who could teach me how to play football. When I first picked up a football in the fourth grade I knew I knew that I would be great and I'm still going to be great from the 4th grade until now I haven't mi