Student in Massillon, Ohio

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Hello, My name is Jalilah. I am mostly know as Jica from most people, you may have came here because of one of my about.me/ on either social media that I have. I'm glad you'll be taking this time to get to know me better.

I'm interested in Kpop and Makeup, I'm not much of a gamer girl but I don't mind looking at videogames. I enjoy anime too. I am a student in Ohio, My current goal is to become a fashion designer. My parents are from Syria and I, am Arabic. Not a huge surprise! <3

I dislike rude comments and harassments, I hate mean words and mean people and it would be nice if you treat anyone with respect. Thank you for taking this time to read this all. If you would like to request a follow now you are allowed to. ❤