Jalil Sobhani

Directing Manager in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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As construction manager at Angel Construction, Inc., Jalil Sobhani plays a central role in overseeing building projects. He is in charge of the repair or demolition of structures as a project requires, and supervises the installation of HVAC, electricity, and plumbing systems. In addition to transporting materials to various project sites, Jalil Sobhani operates machinery involved in on-site repairs.

In terms of project management, Jalil Sobhani coordinates the activities of a variety of construction workers and subcontractors. He also works with third-party entities, such as government agencies, securing the necessary building permits and anticipating any risk involved with construction projects. By developing a budget and timeline, he ensures delivery of each project and maximum revenues for the company.

Since 2010, Mr. Sobhani has also served as directing manager of Canadian Technology and Engineering Provider (CANTEP), a Toronto company offering construction management and other services. A graduate of Tehran University in Iran, he enjoys swimming, playing tennis, and traveling in his free time.

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