Jalisse Tillman

Chef and Project Manager in Springfield, MO

Jalisse Tillman

Chef and Project Manager in Springfield, MO

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I’m Jalisse Tillman and I reside in Springfield, MO. I am a fan of learning, entrepreneurship, cooking, family and great events.

I am a loving wife, mother of two and a business owner. My passion in life is to help others. I enjoy teaching others what I have learned along my personal life journey.

I am originally from Los Angeles, CA.

In 2002, I gave birth to my first born son. During that time, I struggled and was forced into homelessness for a period of time. I lived with different relatives and I was fortunate enough to take a piece of every woman I encountered with me.

I was inspired to challenge myself and live to become a better me. While looking more into my family history, I wanted to learn more about who I was and the WHY behind about me. I wanted to learn how to overcome obstacles my family and I faced and break the cycle.

I began to mold myself, love myself, learn myself and finally I became a better me.

2016 was my best year yet! I started my very own business, Turkeys. Turkeys is a Cajun Turkey Legs and Drum business. It felt great to set a goal and accomplish it, while inspiring others to do the same.

I have learned that it is important to make an impact on everyone you come across and make sure they remember YOU.

The women who taught me by using their actions and words that I am able to be who I am today, a champion!