Jean-Francois Allard

Jean-Francois Allard offers unique and profound conferences to your team or company. Using his strong engineering and sales background, combined to his coaching and speaker practice, he delivers a variety of subjects such as how to change now and reach your goals, how to remain ZEN in this crazy world, the dance of great communicators, just do it and get your dreams, the paths of happiness, and of course a full array of custom conferences made for your team based on your needs. He also offers specialized coaching for managers and professionals at all levels.
He developed a series of personal development seminars offering you a unique web of experience to growth and learn in specific chosen environments. He offers you a retreat in the Sahara deserts walking and meditating in silence to evaluate where you are coming from, where you are and utmost where you are going. A second seminar is given on the paths of happiness in the wonderful abundant nature of Costa Rica with activities to get out of your comfort zone. Finally, the last but not the lest, a complete innovative seminar in the heart of Indonesia on the island of BALI for a complete transformation to experience new things, alignment and more! All on