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Medical Equipment Manufacturer in Singapore

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Jal Medical, with a truly integrated biomedical manufacturing facility, has a wide array of advanced rapid in-vitro immunodiagnostic test systems and electrical bio sensing systems. In this fast moving world, many individuals do not find the necessary time to get tested for the various diseases that they are or might be suffering from. Gone are the days when people used to visit testing laboratories as a precautionary measure. Jal Medical Singapore comes with a solution for this problem by providing various rapid testing kits through which, people can perform tests at their respective homes. Additionally, these test kits also provide results within minutes and thus saves the individuals from the trouble of visiting laboratories again to get their test results.

We, at Jal Medical, envision to provide safe, reliable and cost effective solutions in the market, globally. Our offerings include Blood glucose meters, STD rapid screen tests, DOA rapid screen tests, Infectious diseases rapid screen tests, Fertility rapid screen tests, and ABO & RhD blood grouping test card. The FDA, ISO 13845 and GMP certification proves the company’s competence to provide efficient and reliable products.

Products Offered at Jal Medical

BloodGlucose Meters : A blood glucose meter is a medical device thatis used for determining the glucose level in the blood. It is mostly preferredby the people who are diagnosed with diabetes, as they have to regularly keep acheck on their blood sugar & glucose level. The glucometer draws the bloodfrom by piercing the skin and then tests the blood for the sugar and glucoselevel. Usually, the most preferred site for piercing in order to draw blood isthe finger. The blood glucose monitoring aids in keeping a track of continuousvariation in glucose level. It thus helps in proper planning of meals,activities, medication, etc.

STD Rapid Screen Test Kits: STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are one of the dangerousdiseases that have the potency to claim lives. The STDs have the tendency to godown unnoticed and after a substantial amount of time, it becomes verydifficult to treat it. Jal Medical offers a solution to this problem bysupplying STD rapid screen test kits that help in detecting the problem early.People feel shy to undergo tests for STDs at medical centers. Even if they do,these people are not able to gather the courage to collect the result.