James Powers

Santa Clara, CA.

The Sultan of #SaaS, The King of #Optimization, The Colossus of #Cloud. @DiDataCloud. Hundreds of #SaaS companies served - billions in market value created.

Think of me as your SaaS liaison, your commander for business agility, your pilot to the cloud. I am on the front lines of an organization that specializes in SaaS delivery. We enable SaaS companies to scale cost-effectively, improve service delivery and harness the Cloud.

Dimension Data Cloud Solutions has been addressing the specific needs of SaaS companies for 10 years. We are not just Cloud. Deployments are on enterprise grade infrastructure but where we release the unicorns is by providing Dedicated Application level support that allows you to focus on what matters.

We understand that the cost of supporting a SaaS application isn’t just the infrastructure. We have seen SaaS companies need to budget 2x the cost of infrastructure personnel to support the application in-house. Our Dedicated Application Level support is typically half the cost of a single full-time employee. Don’t chase down 4am alarms, let us do it like we have done for so many other SaaS providers.

I believe a true SaaS hosting partnership consists of two important needs/categories: 1) the technical platform, and 2) the operational processes supporting the application's delivery. My company has solutions that excel in both areas, and our clients benefit greatly from our partnership.

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