Jamal Bullard

I think I'm kind of interesting O_o

...Born in the Azores on December 21st as the second child of two, at that time, members of the U.S. Air Force. As a child, moving around was always expected. From the Azores to Arizona, where my younger brother by 13 months was conceived, then Germany, Delaware, back to Germany, over the Atlantic back to the states to Georgia, down to Florida, and then finally back to Georgia, making new friends was always the option. I had to differentiate what was "cool" from several perspectives of the young minds of the peers that, at that time, I called my "friends". I played a little football, I played a little basketball, I joined clubs, and I even took Spanish, all in high school that is. Now a student at the Georgia State University, i hope to lead a new life of my own, where I can move somewhere else if I so choose it, where I can build my future, step by step.