Joey Amanchukwu

Tech Visionary, Entrepreneur, and believer in San Jose Ca

Joey Amanchukwu

Tech Visionary, Entrepreneur, and believer in San Jose Ca

Hello, I'm Joey, a native of Raleigh, NC and open source software evangelist.

I relocated to Silicon Valley five years ago sharing the common goal of so many other entrepreneurs to one day, "do something that will change the world." My passion for solving complex business problems inspires me to spend countless hours learning about IoT (Internet of Things) and its conceptual role in the future of technical innovation.

Isn't it ironic that 95% of the worlds most critical infrastructure and supercomputers run some flavor of Linux but only 1.5% of PC's run Linux on the desktop? Now that the majority of business applications are being accessed in a web-browser, I believe Linux on the desktop is ready for the enterprise. Innovation in the cloud has made the "impossible" possible and I'm excited to work with a team of industry veterans to bring a solution to market. Our goal is to make Linux simple and easy to use for all.

Transforia Inc:

Transforia is a IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) technology company that help businesses improve end-point security and reduce IT costs without having to manage complex IT infrastructure.

We combine managed computers, systems automation tools, security and encryption software, DevOps strategies and innovations that fueled the growth of cloud computing into a subscription based service for web apps and cloud storage technologies.

Check out our How It Works page to see some screenshots and learn more about the subscription:

I am also the Founder of the AVIDaaS Research Project.

AVIDaaS is business model based on my conceptual theory of Cisco's AVVID Architecture and how it relates to Free and Open Source Software bundled with Software Defined Hardware.

Automation - Artificial Intelligence - Data Analytics.

Voice - Video - Audio - Unified Communications - Collaboration.

Information Security - Infrastructure-as-a-Service - Software-as-a-Service - Platform-as-a-Service

Device-as-a-Service: Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Servers, Storage Appliances, Switches, IoT Sensors, Cellular Base Stations, Connected/Driverless Cars, Unmanned Aircraft......

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