Alejandro Marquina-Gutierrez

Student and Consultant in New York

Born in the 90's in Venezuela, i had the fortune of growing up in a curious environment where my country was slowly falling from a great economic status into a nightmare known as Socialism. This made me appreciate several aspects about life which develop my morals and behavior as human being.

Irony, humor, and sarcasm comes naturally in my daily mood, always with a positive attitude and keeping the highest respect for others.

A desire for knowledge and an being an independent foreign young guy has encourage me to face new professional challenges in the last years which has grow good experience in multiple positions in a workplace.

Highly organized, constantly improving the workenvironment, Strongknowledgein POS in general, Microsoft Office (Or Mac), Inventory, Ordering produce and other goods, good public speaking skills, Mature and professional.

The majority of my hours in the last 4 years have beenspendbooth in the BOHandthe FOH trying to pay attention to every detail ofprocedures, rules and structureof the entire processof arestaurant,I had also acquired a large knowledge in food, wines and spirits,LatelyI read“Kitchen confidential” by Anthony Burdain I finally fell in love with the industry and learned to lovebooththe good and the badthings, to work hard for the sake of the restaurant and becommittedto it.

In a future I expect to be able to go toOperations Management school.

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