Jose Antonio Martin H.

Madrid, Spain


PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (March 2009) from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

I have worked on the development and application of new algorithms for sequential decision making, e.g., k-armed bandits, contextual bandits, reinforcement learning algorithms.

Some relevant skills:
* Algorithmic randomness and model-learning applied to sequence/graph prediction tasks.
* Bayesian classification and prediction methods.
* Different forms of Neuro-Evolution, Neuro-Controllers and Incremental learning in Artificial Neural Networks.
* Evolutionary and other forms of stochastic global optimization methods.
* Machine Perception, e.g. Computer Vision, Clustering, Classification and Filtering.
* Graph theory and combinatorial optimization algorithms.

I have obtained two first places and two second places (JAMH Team) at the Second and Third Reinforcement Learning Competitions (ICML2008 in Helsinki and ICML2009 in Montreal)

I have also participated in the Exploration and Exploitation 3 Challenge (ICML2012 in Edinburgh) on Yahoo! dataset (to serve-recommend news articles on a web site). I obtained the 2th place from 38 teams from around the world.

Especialidades: Machine learning and data science, optimization, artificial intelligence, combinatorial problems and graph theory.

  • Education
    • Phd, Computer Science