Jambi Ganbar

Jambi Ganbar

You see that tall guy over there? That dude with the black glasses, shaved head, earrings?

You wonder how he got here, what's his story? What is he?

He got here through a treacherous long journey around this little planet of yours. The story started in the oft headlined IST time zone and progressed to GMT where the proximity to Greenwich, the clock by which all other clocks are measured, could not compensate for appealing weather, a time zone deficiency that could only be rectified by pursuing higher education in the always sunny PST. Even permanently sunny mellow weather does not provide ever lasting joy so the next step on the time zone map took him to Eastern Standard Time. Yet again, several years later, wanderlust took control and redirected Jambi to the uncrowned capital of the truly free world. A city geographically located in CET, but in reality operating in its own time zone, where it's considered rude to call anyone on the weekend before midday and a question often asked in the wee hours of the night is "have you slept already?"

This is how he got here.

What does he do?

You could say that he is an internet engineer and you won't be wrong. From network research for the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis through years behind the wheel of MCI's very high bandwidth network services and and even longer stint at the European Advanced Networking Test Center, well you get the point, you're not going to be off the mark. On top of this uber-geeky list he also is an avid cook, traveller, amateur photographer, biker and wave chaser.