Jamee Swope

Syracuse New York

I am a music junky, an animal lover, and a happiness seeker. Since the age of 8, I have dedicated my life to horses. I continue to research, learn, and educate myself to have the knowledge needed to surround myself with these magical animals everyday, and be able to do what I love for a living. I spent most of my teens showing and competing sucessfully in the "A" rated hunter/jumper circuit. I have done everything from being a stable hand to being a catch rider, I love it all. I found comfort being in the saddle or the "drivers seat" to be able to feel such accomplishment and pride. Its a whole different world being in the "passenger seat" being a trainer. While i still enjoy the riding I have found a new passion, the intricacy of a ride. The only difference between now and then is that my feet are no longer in stirrups, they are on the ground. To me training is taking past knowledge and sucess and using it in the moment, having present ability. Evaluating the rider and the horse separately and then as a pair to determine the compatibility. That would be my niche, I compare what is wanted from the owner/rider (the goal) vs. what the animal has to offer (the horses ability). I use that to create a plan to help horse and owner grow and train efficiently and positively. By integrating multiple disciplines in a training program, I have found the outcome to be utmost desirable creating well rounded horses and riders.

  • Work
    • Marcellus Equestrian Center
  • Education
    • Graduated Highschool took some classes in Business at OCC