Jamee G

LOV3CHILD... because everybody is a child of LOVE.

Jamee G is your friendly neighborhood hipster girl who fancies all things "shabby" and "chic".

Born with genes a la mode; infected by the social media syndrome; enthralled by the mixture of cultures in this planet. She spreads love through her choice of fashion, music & the arts.

In love with children, animals, flowers and anything that moves, breathes and/or has color. Believes that mermaids, elves, gremlins, one-eyed monsters, and what-have-yous do exist (well, at least in her kind of wunderland).

She munches on sweets and desserts whenever she gets a chance, sees the world in coral pink glasses, prefers her booze of choice on the rocks, and has a brain that functions like a flying broomstick.