Jamee Kirkpatrick

Jamee Kirkpatrick

I am 21 and from Scotland, I love all things green.

I love make up, food and recently have discovered that I really enjoy going to the gym. I have an attraction to anything that sparkles and am ridiculously addicted to Buzzfeed.

I have a very avid music taste and I'll pretty much listen to anything, especially if it's live. Not going to lie - Emo radio on spotify might be the greatest thing to grace my life..

I am bigger than I would like to be, but in my mission to lose weight but more importantly get fit, i've learned a lot about myself and the way I see myself. I hope I can help some of you out there too to realise sometimes even the smallest milestones can be the ones you're most proud off and that ultimately being happy in your own skin is the most important thing no matter if you're "perfect" or not.

I don't live an overly exciting life, but I have fun with the best people around me. What more could I really ask for?