Jameela Banu

I was born to an Engineer father, a writer and the author of Islamic Encyclopedia, and to a Biology graduated housewife. My father aiming to give the best for his children, moved from India to Saudi Arabia so we can learn Arabic as a native speaker by enrolling us, not into the Indian Embassy School like all his colleagues were doing, rather into the Saudi government schools. He did succeed; we speak Arabic more fluent than our native tongue Urdu. And being the proactive person he is, he took me with him to teach non-Arab adults Arabic at the Islamic Dawah Center in Dammam. I handled the women. I was 15-years-old. Ever since then, I’ve been teaching someone, somewhere Arabic. In centers, or in private tuitions; in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia or India.

I believe that background instilled in me the love of languages and teaching. So, when I graduated in Islamic Studies, it wasn’t a surprise that I’ll be working as a teacher. First as an Islamic Studies teacher, and later as an English Teacher. My students ranged between first graders to high school students, not to forget my first ever students; adult women.

Islam advocates learning for all people at all stages, combine that with fact that there is always something new to learn, I’ve enrolled in Masters English for TEFL certification. It’s been quite enlightening. And making a blog, presenting a detailed lesson with as much resources as time allows is turning to be a very sweet-sour experience.

If you wish to contact me, please do so through my contact information in my curriculum vitae.

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    • Al Hussan National Schools
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    • Masters in Islamic Studies (Hadith)