James Dyer

Product Owner in London, United Kingdom

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Demystifying Web 3.0 for entrepreneurs.
πŸš€ Visit: https://decrypt.co

Co-founder, Head of Product @Decrypt. Formerly CEO @LitePaper. 1st-Class Hons UCL.

I build consumer products and internet businesses. My background is as a product owner with a skillset across both design and the technical implementation of web and mobile app experiences.

Currently working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space thinking about onboarding users to web 3.0 products.

In my spare time, I travel, keep fit and salsa dance.

I am constantly consuming content around entrepreneurship or psychology.

Always excited to meet new people working on interesting things.

  • Work
    • ConsenSys
  • Education
    • UCL
    • Colyton Grammar
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