James Goodwin

Leadership & Strategy Professional, program management, and Consultant in England, United Kingdom

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Hello, this is James (or Jim) - a Leadership & Strategy Professional living in England. Passionate about People, he's also a fan of sports, the outdoors and supporting causes. As a recreational historian he's also interested in arts.

Jim is a team builder - values-driven, dedicated and armed with an authentic leadership brand. He’s been extensively involved in NFP and is now driving programmes and delivering opportunity for others at FDM Group. He loves bringing people together through mentoring, partnership participation and relationship development.

He has played a leading role in London Poppy Day, and has campaigned for the Royal British Legion’s ‘Lost Voices’ initiative to raise the profile of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss on BBC.

Previously, he served 17 years in the Army, with the Royal Tank Regiment deploying on operations overseas and helped during the Olympics in 2012.

Born and bred in Dorset, he was educated at Sherborne and studied English & American Studies at the University of East Anglia before attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

He lives with his wife in between London and Dorset, and loves spending time with his family; he has 2 children whom are both growing up and thriving in West Australia, and 2 step-daughters successfully carving out their careers in the capital. A dog-lover, he has adopted a retired Military Working Dog who had undertaken 2 tours in Afghanistan. He is passionate about sport, is a cricket-nut, and he still plays the game.