James J

Software Engineer in the United Kingdom

Hey there, I’m James (or "JamesJ"). I’m a software engineer in United Kingdom.

I'm a developer who plays with cool technology, such as Netty, MongoDB and Redis.

Got a big project, with a big infrastructure? I'll take on the challenge.

I'm most commonly known for my involvement with the Minecraft development community, with creating plugins and various other addons for the game, and the software "Spigot" or Bukkit.

Aside from Java, I take interest in anything related to technology - from encryption to networking.

When I'm not ranting about whatever's on my mind, I also help Spotify with their Rock Star Program. Where I help users resolve technical and general issues. I've been apart of this program since February 2016. You can see me Tweeting from @AskRockstars.

I'm always looking for a new project to tackle, if you think you've got a new, interesting project you need some help with, feel free to give that "Hire me" button a slap.
(I get a lot of emails, if I'm not interested you wont hear back from me -- sorry!)