James McDonald

Student in Athens, Georgia

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Coping with injury is a tough thing to do, especially if it interferes with your true love. This true love of mine was baseball and this injury was a torn labrum tendon. I was devastated after seeing the MRI results in the beginning of my junior year. I thought that there was no way possible that I could fight my way back to the level of play that I was already at. For the next couple of weeks I was even more depressed after learning that surgery was going to be the next step on my path. The recovery was rough, though I made my way back to the top as an elite baseball player.

Throughout my recovery I learned many things. I learned to become a more passionate person, I had a goal and I worked hard day in and day out to achieve that goal. I knew that this injury would not hold me back from success, I saw the upside of this struggle and eventually became a better person because of it. I also learned to become more courageous throughout this journey. All odds were against me and I came out to be a better ballplayer and person. The road was rocky , though I am very proud of the obstacles that I overcame .

Overall, I see this injury as a life changing event. I know that I will carry the traits learned throughout this struggle for the rest of my life.