james ballot

Leonia, USA

Director, Digital Communications :: Insurance Information Institute

Let me share a Don Draper-esque epiphany with you...

What makes content relevant, life-affirming, and world-changing isn't platforms, but the message. Almost anyone can use the tools. But storytelling is art—even if the story you're telling is about safeguarding a backyard swing set against hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and tornadoes. And that's where I come into the picture...

I'm a content guy. I bring brands and consumers together with pitch-perfect pitches, messaging that clicks, email and social media that drive results--and the strategy that makes it all happen. And right now, that "all" happens at III.org, a non-profit P/C insurance research and communications group. Throughout my career, I've created killer content for brands ranging from Norman Mailer to Samsung Galaxy to The FSM. I've grown a leading publisher email program 1000%; launched and run blogs, social media, and the Internet's only $1 billion sweepstakes; and created award-winning apps and viral videos for businesses and non-profits large and small.

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