jAmes bOnes       tOmaselli

Teacher, Artist, and Musician in Tucson, Arizona

jAmes bOnes       tOmaselli

Teacher, Artist, and Musician in Tucson, Arizona

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James J.Bones Tomaselli


Hatha/Yin Yoga, Chant, Meditation &Ayurvedic Lifestyle

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E-mail Studio: foundationspace@gmail.com

My personal practice and the direction I am following in beginning my teaching; is Hatha Yoga. Much of the focus is on the gentle, restorative and supportive nature of the postures, the benefits of focused breath, meditation and Vedic aspects to modern lifestyle. Encouraging the functional properties of posture for each individuals unique body. Learning postural modifications to personal body type and to utilize props, chairs, wall or other support. Depending on the class style I will also invite basic Vedic Chanting and Mantra to the asana practice.

I come to My Yoga from Trauma, in 2003 a 15’ fall from a ladder broke parts of my cervical spine and herniated a combination of 8 discs in my cervical and lumbar spine, I am fused at C3-T1 and L4 -S1. I was allowed by insurance some basic Physical Therapy, the beginning of which saved me. Subsequently, I have spent over 12 years in Western Care and on prescription medication for pain with no prognosis or outlook for improvement and no support network. With great challenge, a great amount of work, and a rediscovered faith in myself, I have been fortunate to begin learning and to utilize the Yogic and Ayurvedic Lifestyle to find greater faith, lasting health, a sense of control and strength in my life, as well as learning to control the varied aspects of chronic pain and immobility.

EDUCATION - Seven Centers Yoga Arts - Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor RYT200 Sedona 2014

Sacred Geometry of Yoga - Rama Jyoti Vernon, Natasha Korschak, Ross Kress - Tucson 2015

Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED & First Aid - Red Cross - Tucson 2015

YIN Yoga Certification - Debbie Daly, Tucson, AZ - Grilley Method 2015

AIS Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening - Diane Waye - Aaron Mattes Method - Tucson 2015

Empty Mountain Sangha - Tucson, AZ - Dharma Facilitator - 2012

*All Yoga Certification Trainings Listed are Yoga Alliance Approved and Accredited.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - Tucson Yoga Tucson, Az - Front Desk/ work trade - Natural Way Wellness Spa Tucson, Az- Front Desk - ‘Mindbody' software - Solar Culture Art Gallery/ Performance space Tucson, Az - Gallery Attendant/ Artist/ Sound - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum /The Art Institute Tucson, Az