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Best Bluetooth Speakers reviews the top devices on the market and discusses the pros and cons of the speakers, enabling you to buy what works and sounds best and to avoid the inferior sounding products. We pride ourselves in providing easy answers and simple instructions to Bluetooth FAQs, such as our response to the common question “How Do I Easily Connect My Bluetooth Speakers?”

How Do I Connect My Wireless/Bluetooth Speakers?

If your computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth communication device installed, you’ll need to get a Bluetooth USB adapter.

• First power on your computer or cell phone, or the device you want to join your Bluetooth speakers to.
• Engage/turn on the Bluetooth functionality on your connecting device (computer, cell phone). Regarding a Bluetooth USB adapter, plug the adapter into the usb’s input and wait for the computer to recognize the adapter. When the computer achieves recognition of the adapter, your Bluetooth communication will automatically be turned on.
• Now’s the time to turn on the speaker.
• Press and then hold the Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth status indication starts flashing blue.
• Once the device and the speakers are paired, the connecting device will present a prompt – you should select your paired component. Now you can select the speaker. Typically, the model number of the speaker shows up as a number – e.g., Sony SRS-bt100.
• You might be asked for the input pass key. If so, input the number “1234” or “0000” which for the majority of Bluetooth devices is the default pass key. If these numbers don’t work, visit the manufacturer’s website or consult your user manual.
• When the pairing process is complete, the Bluetooth’s status indicator will flash quickly. Voila, now you’re now connected.

Best Bluetooth Speakers believes connecting your gear shouldn’t be rocket science.