James Dent

London, United Kingdom.

As an avid runner i have always taught myself to keep moving forward, that no matter how tired i feel, no matter how much my lungs, heart and legs are hurting, i must keep moving forward, no matter how slow.

This is my ethos on life. Every task and challenge that faces me is approached in the same manner, difficulty is not a factor of consideration. As Confucius wrote "He who says he can and he who says he can't are both right." This quote differentiates everyone, either become a positive thinker or succumb to the negative lifestyle that leads to a dead end job.

Through this thought process, i now bring passion and commitment to everything that i do, it forces me to immerse myself in life and all challenges that i face. Ultimately i used to be the person that sat back and watched to see what happened, a conservative if you will; it is only through extensive travel and studying internationally that i have seen the competitive nature of the world and the realisation that becoming a risk taker, action orientated, active person will force me further in life.

  • Education
    • Montpellier Business School