Von (James) DeWitt

Zine Maker and Sexual Health Researcher in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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I live in Minneapolis MN where I work in sexual health research and also as an educator around sexual health issues, transgender advocacy, and other social justice topics. I am a white, lower middle class, agender, queer, asexual trans person. I am non-neurotypical and identify as able-bodied. These are all the pieces of my story I carry with me, and these experience and facets of my identity influence all the work I do and the way I move through the world (especially how I produce and narrate my zines). With all my zine series ("Sex Ed: A Love Story", "Trans Sex Zine", and "Real Talk") I aim for a holistic approach to sexuality/sexual health content for queer and trans folks. My creative process and educational philosophy are rooted in an anti-oppression framework, while acknowledging the role that privilege, power, sex, and desire have in every aspect of our lives. I believe that there are endless opportunities to deliver important messages about sexuality, sexual health and well-being, and developing a strong and empowered self concept--in the classroom and outside.

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    • UMN EpiCH
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    • Goddard College