James Finsterwald

Who I am.
I am James Finsterwald and was born in Colorado Spings Colorado. I am a brother of one and am the youngest kid in my family. I have two loving and caring parents who support what ever I do. They have been there for me from day 1. My brother is 21 years old and is a professional mountain bikers. We are a very active family and love to spend time in the wilderness together. My mom works at a law firm and my dad is a business owner. My brother is living the dream and rides his bike for a living. I am a good caring friend who always has my friends backs. I support there ideas and always support my friends.
My school days consist of being on time to classes and always being a good friend to my peers. I Work on assignments so I can get the best grade possible for me. I go to P.E with coach Quarry and play games and lift wieghts. Then I go to yoga and get my yoga on. Then I have lunch this is my favorite time of the day. I get to eat and drink what ever I want. Then I go to art class and draw pretty much what ever is on my mind. My last class of the day is senior English and this is my weakest strenght of every subject I have taken in my high school career. After school I play basketball for my school team and work as hard as I can to make my team the best we can be.
What I do at home after my school day is over is pretty much chill out for the night. This is where I get to spend a lot of family time with my parents. We watch tv, make dinner, play with our dogs, and talk about are day. I shower at home so when I get to school I am clean. I am a neat freak who always wants a clean my room. I am always packing because on the weekends I travel a lot to go snowmobile. When I am at home it's always a piece full environment and I can share anything I want becuase I trust my family a lot.