James Healey

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States

My name is James Healey and I am business-minded individual looking for challenges that benefit people on an interdependent level. I graduated from public high school in the South Shore in 2012 and was accepted into the University of Massachusetts Amherst soon after.

Since my acceptance into UMass, I have transferred into the Isenberg School of Management and have declared Operations and Information Management with a focus on Information Systems. The major is exciting and offers a promising engagement into the latest technologies which help optimize large business.

My passion, however, lies beyond my academic career. Currently, I am an oarsman and captain on the UMass Men's Rowing team. The team is a commitment to discipline, consisting of nearly 50 oarsmen and coxswains. Our team competes on a national level annually in Gainesville, Georgia at the ACRA National Championship regatta. The team embodies a lifestyle of hard work, early mornings and peak physical shape.

Coming from a serious rugby background (4+ years experience), the last sport I expected to be involved in was rowing. However, the sport becomes addicting to those who love working hard and earning their rewards. Beyond the extreme commitment to physicality, rowing bonds the team together into a solid unit, resulting in lifelong friendship and complete interdependence.

I would only consider something to be my passion if I could see myself becoming dedicated to it fully, with no reservations or hesitations. Rowing fits my definition of passion aptly.

  • Education
    • Isenberg School of Management