James Hess

Connecticut, United States

I am a passionate, lifelong learner. I am addicted to audiobooks – I listen to them while driving, doing yard work, or during any other activity during which I cannot hold a book. I’ve never met a Great Courses lecture series I didn’t like. My interests range from history to science to politics. Strangely enough, however, I still value long periods of silence. I run trail ultramarathons and find that I prefer not to listen to anything other than my footsteps and the sounds of nature while running.

I also enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking with my family, and indoor activities such as baking and cooking vegan cuisine. Recently I have renewed my interest in making music by practicing trumpet with my son, who is just learning to play.

I am the Operations Manager at Gaussian, Inc., a company that develops software used by chemists, chemical engineers, and physicists. I started at Gaussian, Inc. as a Technical Support Scientist, but later moved into my current role as Operations Manager, a role I have held since 2006. I am currently pursuing my MBA at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. Please see my LinkedIn page for my educational and professional details.

I care deeply about environmental, animal welfare, and hunger causes, and try to live my life accordingly.