James Howlett

retired in San Francisco, California

James Howlett

retired in San Francisco, California

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Signature color: Neon clear, or Fluorescent black

Favorite past time: Shooting meth and then scratching the bugs away

Celebrity crush: Sigourney Weaver

Go-to accessory: Suspenders (or braces if you’re feeling pretentious)

Tech crutch: Bluetooth everything!

Ideal date night: Jamie. Preferably on his stomach, or on his knees.

Random childhood memory: Drooling over boys in my sister’s Tiger Beat magazines

Five years from now….. I will be cashing in on Daddy Status, complete with silver hairs, a summer time-share, and a 4 at the beginning of my age.

Generally more passionate about his underwear and his socks, than the outfit most of the world sees him in.

He enjoys the smell of horses, and horse tack.

In the 90’s, his band opened for big names such as Mudhoney, Fugazi, Green Day, and Screaming For Trees

More and more silver streaks in his hairline everytime you see him!

Licensed in the state of Washington as a general contractor in residential construction.

Holds a Master Degree in Anthropology, with a specialized focus in forensic linguistics.

Once booked a flight to Paris with one hour’s notice, because there was nothing better to do. In the same year, he spontaneously flew cross-country to New York, in order to indulge in his favorite pizzeria.

He enjoys playing D.J. with chemicals, guiding you through a most fantastic journey, whatever your altered state might be.

Approximately two hundred hospitalizations and counting. Not able to be counted: number of times he should have gone to the hospital and didn’t.

Has held a lifelong affinity for otters. Increasingly looks like one.

His parents raised three daughters, and two sons. All of whom grew up to be attracted to men.

Has a very real, irrational fear of balloons.

Known to have slept with approximately 1/100th the number of men his partner has slept around with. No joke.

NOT ashamed to sleep with a stuffed animal.

Intimidatingly knowledgable within the field of mycology (a study of mushrooms and other fungi).

Besides cats/dogs/ferrets, has also housed a coati mundi, and several boas/pythons weighing up to 40lbs.

Takes justifiable pride in the grooming and maintenance of his fingernails, and facial hair.

Experiences alarmingly accurate premonitions

  • Work
    • Contract Manager
  • Education
    • BA's and MA from Portland State University