James McAllister

Dubai in the Amazing United Arab Emirates

I'm starting to wonder who is using my book, it's set slightly in the future but events are overtaking what was written 10 years ago

1. Using social media as a weapon of war

2. Taking control of aircraft over the web

3. Massive hacker attacks - some by white hats to do good

4. Cyber sex as the norm not the exception

5, People using nutrient drinks as their only source of food

6. Kids moving onto the cloud - and living a virtual life there (almost there this one)

7. Glasses-earphones combo to stream information (half-way there for ' perbots' - personal robotic info systems tailored just to suit you)

8. Company programs to make their employees super-fit and healthy

9. China collapses

10. Virtual gamers fighting in actual combat situations

Still to come

- ADULTOPTION - young people adopting older people as their parents

- 13 year olds in the workplace making more money than adults

- Internet giants merging to create a virtual country (iNation)

- the ability to target specific elements thru the web (like switching off a particular light)

- The Glass Wall - a place to be uploaded to when you die - and your relatives can visit

- Immortalis - uploading your cyber dna to the web and living there (e.g. still working on a companies accounts)

iNation has all of these but the book is not what it seems - there is a story hidden in plain sight. What you are reading on the page is not the real story, it's something else and rather startling.

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