James Lefebvre

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States


My name is James Lefebvre. I'm studying Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Managment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I am especially interested in 3D printing technologies, design, and applications. I think it is awesome how a file on your computer can be turned into a physical object in a matter of minutes. 3D printing's applications can be applied to nearly everything from manufacturing to medical research. I enjoy working with people and hearing a wide variety of perspectives, so I decided to take up a minor in management.

I write for 3dprintingindustry.com , and am an active contributer to thingiverse.com.

My designs can be found at: www.thingiverse.com/jameslefebvre/designs

In my spare time I like to play guitar, hike, mountain bike, ski, and play tennis.

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  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst