James Watson

Washington DC

James Watson co-founded Rethink Technology Business Improvement and Transformation Management Consulting

He traveled the world and writes about his Human Experience

As an artist and citizen of the world, he is xorrox.

Formerly director of user experience at Webs
Once upon a time geneticist.

James Watson is a technology consultant, applying principles of usability to enhance engagement with technology and new media. As a digital marketing professional, James uses over 20 years in customer experience to enhance "real," social, and mobile web marketing interactions.

- New media is a passion. Technology can bring people together, facilitating communication, collaboration, and exchange, when we bring simple principles of usability to it. No one expects technology to be beautiful - it's my job to make the experience one that is.

James has worked with start-up organizations as well as large brands to develop innovative marketing solutions that capture the power of social media.

- We're going to be moving beyond the platform and beyond the network. It doesn't make sense to limit social interaction to the platform. It's like limiting who you can call on your phone to those using the same carrier. We will eventually be within a Social Cloud of communication, sharing what we want, how we want, with those we want, using networks as utilities rather than closed channels.

With nearly a decade in the online publishing arena, James has developed and managed products, projects, teams, and process, combining artistic vision and analytics to drive business initiatives.

- It's about transparency. It's about communication. Groups and organizations often forget that they brought experts to the team to solve problems. Not to be given tasks and have those tasks managed, but to be asked to solve a problem and given the freedom to bring their experience to the table. This is how you leverage the power of an organization - knowing how to communicate across t

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