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James Ash

Airdrie, AB

I was born and raised in Calgary, Canada and still live in the area with an incredible woman who keeps me sane and inspired by life. We're proud parents of a son named Warner, born in 2014.

Writing code and building applications since the late nineties and loving it, I can't imagine stopping anytime soon. I love building things whether it's by hand or in code. Not so long ago, I took some time off and worked in a cabinet shop for near minimum wage simply to learn the craft. Learning and building stuff is what moves me.

I started programming when I realized there was no future in oil and gas. The checking and pumping of, that is. I've worked exclusively on web applications for the past ten plus years and have worked on a very diverse set of apps. Corporate expense management, whistle-blowing and background investigations, mystery shopping and oil & gas vendor management have all crossed my desk in that time.

I own a company called Modapeak but when I'm not on the clock, I'm building an online training system for young cyclists with big dreams of the 2016 Olympics.

In 2009 I took up BMX racing and I've been all over to race and train. Before racing the 2011 World Championships in Denmark, I spent a week touring Rome by bike. Whether it's Copenhagen, Rome, San Francisco or your own hometown, touring a city by bike is a completely different experience.

Outside all that, a couple nights a week in the summer I teach kids to race their bikes at our local track and in the winter I try to sneak off to the mountains for some snowboarding as much as I can.