James Autio

Systems Engineer in San Diego, California

James Autio

Systems Engineer in San Diego, California

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Creator of BIONX SUPERMODEL® 2 (micronutritional product research & development of 20 different formulas for humans and equines)

Author of: The Digital Mantrap: An Operating System for the Human Organism (2000)

Confessions of the Human Genome: Revealing Nature's Wisdom to Increase Your Physical & Mental Potential (2002)

The World's Fittest Humans: Exploring the Limits of Physical and Mental Performance, Training, and Potential (2016) [available at www.WorldsFittestHumans.com]

Longterm research project started in 2000 that is about 75% complete: I am working on an entirely different framework for biology that integrates the ancient Eastern view with the West's embodied cognition (a sub-discipline of neuroscience) and epigenetics views all of which will be expressed in Western terms in what will in essence constitute a "Biology 2.0": “The Unified Theory of Fitness, Aging and Disease: A New Theory of Fitness Based on the Flow of Energy and the Integrity of Information”

Lockheed Missiles & Space Company (1980-1989) Trident Missile System Division (quality assurance of semiconductor electronics); Process and Control Labs (database software development for the integration of failure analysis and test data from 42 in-house laboratories spanning broad disciplines)

University of Tennessee (1977-1979), BS Electrical Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), (1975-1976)

Fort Lauderdale High School (1971-1975), High School Valedictorian class of 500 students

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