James Bona

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, James Bona currently manages operations at Quixote Xploration as the chief executive officer and president. The company primarily functions as a tool for investors, exploring and finding excellent investment opportunities with long-term reserve potential. To discover these opportunities, the company conducts thorough and expansive research with the aid of experts in related fields, including geophysics and petroleum engineering. James Bona and his team select projects that are low-risk but satisfy certain criteria. All projects are backed with empirical data that provides evidence of the presence of oil and gas reserves.

To better serve clients, James Bona uses the most advanced technology, such as horizontal drilling and 3D seismic. With this technology, the company often explores recompletions (existing wells abandoned by the industry) in order to discover extra reserves that may now be recovered with the most updated equipment.

In his free time, the CEO prefers relaxing on the beach, where he partakes in wave running and motor yachting. He loves traveling to beaches around the world.

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