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James Darnell

Digital Content Creator in North Carolina

James Darnell

Digital Content Creator in North Carolina

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"Get a real job." - Everyone

I'm a digital content creator on the internet, or at least that what's I call myself since I can't come up with a better name for it. Most people know me as Pulse. Essentially, I make videos that (hopefully) make you laugh, give you something to do for like half a hour a day, or at the very least make you blow a little more air out of your nose than usual.

"F*k you & f*k your elbow." - Mark Bell

I love picking up heavy stuff & putting it back down loudly (sorry old people at the gym). As a former homebody, powerlifting really changed my life. In 2 years time, I dropped over 100lbs & achieved a total of 1125. As a result of all of this, I created Pulse Fitness - not only to help myself, but to help others.

"I’m so sorry that I’m leaving you so little to believe in." - Boston Manor

Just your friendly neighborhood sadboy. Mostly into cry-cry (alternative), but sometimes rah-rah (metalcore). I told you it wasn't just a phase, mom.

"Find what you love & let it kill you." - At least 70% of everyone who used MySpace

I am driven by passion. I love putting my time into things that fulfill me. That is why I have 3 different YouTube accounts & why I was able to transform myself with powerlifting. These things give me a reason to wake up in the morning & as long as they continue to, I will give them all I have.


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