James Estes

Librarian, Medievalist, and Game designer in Washington, DC

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As a librarian, James Estes has over two decades’ experience in a variety of settings, including academic libraries, special information centers, and (currently) the federal government. He previously served as a theology librarian and academic administrator at Wesley Theological Seminary, where he supervised and led all aspects of the library’s operations (public and technical services) and strategic planning, and was personally responsible for information literacy instruction, collection development, e-resource management, and scholarly communications. As administrative faculty, he was involved in institutional assessment, curricular planning, and instructional design.

As a medievalist, he studies medieval vernacular religious texts as they explore meaning-making and serve as windows into religious culture and history. His main area of expertise is the history of spirituality in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, focusing on Old English literature and religious thought in early medieval England. He serves as adjunct Assoc. Professor of Medieval Studies and Church History at Wesley Theological Seminary, where he teaches courses on the history of Christian spirituality. He received his PhD from The Catholic University of America, where he studied Christian spirituality and historical theology in the Middle Ages. His current scholarly research for a monograph under contract with Wipf and Stock Publishers/Pickwick Publications) examines King Alfred the Great's educational reform through the lens of spiritual formation and the restoration of wisdom in early medieval England. He has presented papers at conferences and meetings in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

As a game designer, his main area of design is world-building with special attention to the role of religion and mythology in speculative fiction. He has written for White Wolf Game Studio, Holistic Design, Inc., West End Games, TSR, and most recently, Ulisses Spiele. He has contributed to the design and development of products for Fading Suns, Mage, Vampire, Indiana Jones, and other titles.

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  • Education
    • The Catholic University of America
    • Wesley Theological Seminary
    • The George Washington University